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What brands do you work with?

That's a secret! But we can tell you that our categories include premium confectionery, coffee and tea, condiments, plant-based dairy, and beer, and we work with both retail and foodservice.


What countries are you in?

We are in 26 of the top markets around the world. That means we can focus on countries that want premium American products.


Will you export my brand?

That depends. We are a small company with limited ability to take on new brands. If you think you'll be a good fit for us, send us a proposal!


Can I buy your products for my store?

Yes! Please sent us an email with your country and store name, and we can connect you with our local distributor. 


Do you work with non-food brands?

Western Export Services started with non-food products! While we generally prefer to work with consumer-ready food products, we are open to working with other types of goods.


Can I buy [X] brand from you in the United States?

With few exceptions, we only sell internationally, not within the United States. We recommend you contact the brand directly to purchase in the United States.


Are you hiring?

We're Hiring!
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