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Along with earth, water and air—food is truly life.  Western Export Services is the platform to foster world peace, understanding and freedom through sustainable and healthy foods supplied from the origin.

Trade and commerce is a cornerstone of world peace.  By creating a platform for trade, we’re communicating, we’re working together, developing relationships and connection. Trade is a part of understanding people of other countries and cultures--If we’re exchanging ideas with our partners in other cultures, we’re sharing a part of who we were and who we are. Trade is about freedom. The freedom to try, to live well, not being told to live just one way.

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David Cisneros

Starting out as a civil rights lawyer in Atlanta, David met Steve, a former classmate, in 1988, and they decided to start a company exporting products from the United States to Japan, and he moved to Japan for a number of years.  Over those years, the company they founded, Western Export Services, moved more and more towards working with food and beverages, and then, working with more natural and healthy products.  Their business expanded to many countries.  David is married to Gayla, with three great children, and a dog named Daisy.  Watching “Cinderella” recently with his six-year-old Jane, he finally learned that the most important thing about life is about being courageous and kind.

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Steve grew up on a farm and homestead with a large garden, chickens and various other animals, where he developed his foodie palette, eating fresh foods.  When he moved to the city for law school, he continued his food exploration journey.  After a few years of practicing law, he became disenchanted with needy clients and producing stacks of paper.  He first got back to his production ag roots, contracting with farmers to grow mung beans for sprouting, and eventually started exporting dry edible beans.  One day, he bumped into David, and as the say…the rest is history. Steve is married to Katie, and though living in Denver, continues his farm fresh heritage with back-yard, free-range hens and a small herb garden.

Steven Meier

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